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Yeshua's Predictions about the Corruption of His Teachings

The Essene New Testament contains words Yeshua spoke that are not in the Canonical Gospels. In The Essene New Testament, Yeshua described the corruption of his teachings by people who would rule in his name:

But the time cometh when darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, and the enemies of truth and righteousness shall rule in my name, and set up a kingdom of this world and oppress the peoples. . . . putting for my doctrines the opinions of men, and teaching in my name that which I have not taught and darkening much that I have taught by their traditions.

But he also taught that there would come a time when the Truth of his teachings would be revealed and would have the influence it should have had:

But be of good cheer, for the time will also come when the truth they have hidden shall be manifested and the light shall shine, and the darkness shall pass away and the true kingdom shall be established which shall be in the world but not of it, and the word of righteousness and love shall go forth from the Center.

In another section of the same ancient manuscript, Yeshua prophesied the corruption and rediscovery of his teachings again:

There shall arise after you, men of perverse minds who shall through ignorance or through craft, suppress many things which I have spoken unto you, and lay to me things which I never taught. . . . Woe is the time when the spirit of the world entereth into the Church, and my doctrines and precepts are made void through the corruptions of men and women. . . . But the time cometh when the things which they have hidden shall be revealed and made known, and the truth shall make free those which were bound

And in still another statement, he prophecied the corruption and rediscovery again:

They shall make alliance with the kings and rulers of the world and seek earthly power, and riches, and domination, and put to death by fire and sword those who seek the truth, and therefore are truly my disciples. And in their days, I, Jesus, shall be crucified afresh and put to open shame, for they will profess to do these things in my name. As I shall be nailed to the cross, so also shall my Church in those days, for she is my Bride and one with me. But the day shall come when this darkness shall pass away, and the true light shall shine. . . . And my Church shall be filled with Light and give Light unto all nations of the earth.

Can the occurrences in the Christian Church over the past 2,000 years and the current awakening we are seeing as Yeshua's true teachings are coming to light be any more clearly the fulfillment of these prophecies?


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